Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (Part 1)

The FDA has made it extremely difficult for many people to procure, produce, and consume raw milk, and in a lot of cases this has caused people to be denied their freedom to choose what they put into their bodies. The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is an organization that is trying to help. That’s whyContinue reading “Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (Part 1)”

Ensuring Access To Real Food With Food Rebel, Charlotte Smith

This episode isn’t just for farmers. It’s for anyone who depends on farmers to provide food for their families! Today we have Charlotte Smith with Part 2 of our interview. She is going to talk about the impact of raw milk on her family’s health. She is also going to discuss what type of cow’sContinue reading “Ensuring Access To Real Food With Food Rebel, Charlotte Smith”

Female Farmers Can Make a Viable Living

What are the issues facing American farmers today? What are the needs of today’s female farmers? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered by today’s guest, Charlotte Smith. Charlotte is the owner of  the grass-based farm, Champoeg Creamery, and 3 Cow Marketing. In part two of this interview, Charlotte talks aboutContinue reading “Female Farmers Can Make a Viable Living”