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50 Ways

to Eat Cock™

Join my journey to raise backyard chickens and the many ways to enjoy eating them

My story of cock

Welcome to the official website for the Amazon Top 100 bestselling cookbook 50 Ways to Eat Cock™.

Keeping in the spirit of the book, this site is a celebration of man’s relationship with roosters since ancient times.

You’ll learn how to prepare, nurture, slay, raise and even worship these tough birds. If it involves roosters or chickens in general, we’re on the case.

Let the party begin!

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Reader’s Thoughts

What a great thing you guys got going on here! Beautiful job!

Phyllis vA

Wow! 🙂 Thank you so much! I think I love butter more than Adrienne does! I don’t follow any perfect diet and buy organic when it makes sense but I have always been curious and enthusiastic about health related topics. So happy to finally see someone combine health, a love for food and some common sense! Nice to meet you all.

Sonia D

 Thank you so much for the no BS, straight forward information you provide. And yes, I did just sign up for the local cow share even though I say I can’t afford it.

Glad D

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