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Off-Grid Survival Toolkit


Details: The Skills You Need For When The Emergency Lasts A Long Time 

Hyperinflation, devastating floods, supply chain failures, extreme heat and cold, a global pandemic, wildfires, drought, dollar devaluation, power outages, food shortages, water contamination . . .

The 2020’s have not started out well for most of us.

The Off-Grid Survival Toolkit is a set of 27 unique presentations covering crucial topics related to living, and thriving, during an extended emergency. 

How To Grow Lots Of Food In A Grid Down Situation

Details: This is for people who want the fastest and easiest ways to produce healthy and delicious meat, eggs, and vegetables. Because you know that growing your own food is like printing your own money.


Marjory will show you the fastest, easiest, and simplest ways to produce calories and nutrition, especially in a crisis and/or grid-down situation. The assumption is that you have no experience, and you need to start producing food immediately.

Audio Books

This Will Be Funny Later: A Memoir

Details: Far from being an opportunity to whine about the hard life of celebrity, Jenny Pentland depicts many relatable moments about her struggle with weight and mental health issues, bad health advice from self-appointed experts, discovering where food really comes from and exploitation by the medical system as well as the values of persistence, resilience and knowing one’s own mind.


The Tuskegee Syphilis Study


Details: This is an important chapter in recent American history that is worth knowing more about. It is a cautionary tale for things to come, should we turn a blind eye to what these men had suffered. The reasons for the study, its duration, and the rationale behind using only black men are likely a bit more complicated than they seem at face value.

A People’s History of the United States


Details: Enemies, as we have seen, are those who toil without adequate pay in exchange for services rendered, but dare to ask for living wages. They are the people who want to live peaceful lives with better opportunities for their children. They are people who recognize a need for self-sufficiency and farming the land to stave off starvation and being exposed to the elements. They are people who advocate community and self-governance. They want freedom as given by God, not one that is issued by government for “good behavior” and can be revoked at any time.


For the Birds

Details: if your hen is pecked by other chickens, these aprons can protect your hen from being pecked. They protect your hen from the sun and rain, and help cover her shoulders, back and even tail.

Details: the combination of toys are good gifts for your girls, which are always attracted by crisp sounds and vibrant colors, providing chickens with a fun experience, helping them enhance sensory ability as well as getting rid of loneliness and boredom.

Details: built-in sensor when closing to detect when there is an obstruction under the door to prevent injury to chickens. Protects Chickens From Predators.

Details: the Peck Stops Here contains a combination of botanical oils that helps deter birds from picking and plucking on wounds and sores. These behaviors, when left unresolved, can lead to pox and other serious issues.

Details: No need to manually turn the eggs, automatic incubator has an invisible turner. Incubator holds 9-12 eggs and it can hatch chickens, ducks, fowl, geese, etc.

Details:  covered with a sun-resistant and waterproof roof that perfectly drains rain, snow or debris. It can be used as a habitat for small pets or can be set up as a planting protection shed for garden plants.

Fun Gifts

 I Love Cocks T-shirt

Details: Cock is on the rise and this t-shirt subtly lets the world know just how much you love it. 


With recipes like Risotto Cock Balls and Cock-o’s, “50 Ways to Eat Cock” is a fun and inventive chicken cookbook that takes a revealing look at the folklore, history, culinary culture, and nutritional benefits of this well-endowed ingredient.


We asked rooster lovers from around the world to show us their cocks and they obliged! These stress-relieving animal designs include bonus hysterical Playboy-style bios of the 50 peckers that made the cut — ready and waiting for you to finish them off with your skillful strokes. From Nugget and Big Bird to Lord Vader and Mr. Naughtikins, you’re sure to find a hunk of avian beefcake to titillate your creative juices.