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Welcome to the official website for the Amazon Top 100 bestselling cookbook 50 Ways to Eat Cock®.


Keeping in the spirit of the book, this site is a celebration of man’s relationship with roosters since ancient times.

You’ll learn how to prepare, nurture, slay, raise and even worship these tough birds. If it involves roosters or chickens in general, we’re on the case.

Let the party begin!

Left facing chicken

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies from town to town and state to state. Be sure to know the laws before you commit to your cocks.

No, you don’t need a rooster unless you want chicks.

Most hens will lay eggs every 1-3 days. Hens are most productive during the first 1-4 years of laying. They will continue to lay as they age, but the frequency will decrease.

Most chickens will live between 8-15 years if they are protected from predators. Some pet chickens can live to the ripe old age of 20.