20 Perfect Gifts for Chickens

Humans aren’t the only species that loves to receive gifts! Treat your flock like family and keep them well and entertained.  After all, happy chickens are healthy chickens!  If you don’t know what to get, here are 20 gifts for chickens that are sure to delight.

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Chicken feeders & Treats

Chickens, like everyone, need plenty of fresh water and nutritious food (and the occasional treat, too).  

Details: create your own chicken nipple waterer system to ensure your girls always have fresh and clean water.

Details: stimulates chickens’ natural foraging, gathering and fighting behavior and also provides a source of entertainment for chickens to vent their emotions

Details: signature mix of certified organic grains, cracked corn, sunflower seeds, mealworms, river shrimp & more. Have a happy flock, healthier chickens AND eggs!

Gifts For Chickens on the Move

Travel in style with your feathered friends.  Take them for a walk dressed up in a bow tie, or for a car ride in a carrier crate.  

Details: Smaller holes on the floor than on the sides. Hand grips on the ends for lifting and carrying. Also works for small animals and game birds.

Details: if your hen is pecked by other chickens, these aprons can protect your hen from being pecked. They protect your hen from the sun and rain, and help cover her shoulders, back and even tail.

Details: Teach your fowls to walk on a leash and find your peace of mind again. Adjust the size to your needs to make sure your chickens are 100% comfy. Three colors of bow ties included.

Chicken Gifts: Coop Accessories

Their coop is their castle, so great gifts for chickens are to help them stay warm, protected, and also have some fun!

Details:  covered with a sun-resistant and waterproof roof that perfectly drains rain, snow or debris. It can be used as a habitat for small pets or can be set up as a planting protection shed for garden plants.

Details: overheating protection design and anti-bite electric cord, this heater has a powerful thermal protection system. Suitable for the chicken coop, dog house, or under your desk at office or home.

Details: an ideal place for your birds to swing, play, climb, and chew. Reduces coop boredom and brings smiles to the people that care for them. Easy to install. Durable, non-toxic, and sanitary

Details: open in the morning & close in the evening automatically by setting the timer or using the easily adjusted (LUX) Light Sensor. Simply press the button if you wish to open & close manually.

Details: built-in sensor when closing to detect when there is an obstruction under the door to prevent injury to chickens. Protects Chickens From Predators.

Details: 7 perching rods can keep your chicks off the wet ground, reduce bacterial infections, and learn to jump faster. The perfect toys for your chicks!

Details: the combination of toys are good gifts for your girls, which are always attracted by crisp sounds and vibrant colors, providing chickens with a fun experience, helping them enhance sensory ability as well as getting rid of loneliness and boredom.

Details: the Peck Stops Here contains a combination of botanical oils that helps deter birds from picking and plucking on wounds and sores. These behaviors, when left unresolved, can lead to pox and other serious issues.

Details: signs bound to bring a giggle or two to your face no matter your mood. Show off your fondness for your growing flock of tiny dinosaurs with our novelty chicken signs.

Gifts for Nesting Hens

Treat nesting hens and their eggs to comfort with these fine products.

Details: Aspen nest pads help to provide cleaner, fresher and more hatchable eggs. They can be used with any size nesting box and are easy to place in the nesting box.

Details: no more will your hens destroy freshly laid eggs. Our ceramic brown eggs are strong and durable, once you replace the real with dummy brown eggs, your chickens will soon stop. 

Details: use in & around the chicken coop by sprinkling a generous amount in the nest boxes, litter & dust bath areas. Wonderful for use in your home or office in a decorative dish or at the base of plants!

Details: the lower cover tray, being tilted, allows the eggs to roll; are kept clean of excrement and are protected. Being covered by a lid, it prevents the chickens from pecking or stepping on the eggs.

Details: No need to manually turn the eggs, automatic incubator has an invisible turner. Incubator holds 9-12 eggs and it can hatch chickens, ducks, fowl, geese, etc.

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This post contains affiliate links through which I may receive a small commission.

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  • Recipes for fermented foods like sauerkraut, ketchup and sourdough breads and pancakes
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