The Magnificent Chicken: An Interview With Tamara Staples

We’ve enjoyed our time with photographer and author, Tamara Staples. In the second half of our interview, she answers some questions about photography and her future projects.  We’ve talked about her book, The Magnificent Chicken, as well as how she pays homage to these beautiful birds through her photography.  She talks about the process from behindContinue reading “The Magnificent Chicken: An Interview With Tamara Staples”

Cock Photography With Tamara Staples

Tamara Staples is a photographer that combines her love of art and cock into picture books. In this episode, Tamara talks about her love for cocks, and how she got that interest in the first place. The show also helps answer questions like “how do you tame a cock for photography?” and “why did youContinue reading “Cock Photography With Tamara Staples”

How to Get Your Hens Laying Eggs Again

Protein ratio? Check! Calcium? Check! Enough light? Check! Time on pasture? Check! Despite doing “all the things”, at one time or another backyard flock owners may notice a precipitous decline in their prime, a suddenly drop in egg production for no particular reason. The eggsperts often like to tell us lay people the most discouragingContinue reading “How to Get Your Hens Laying Eggs Again”