Christmas Trees in Hawaii?
The top item imported during December could be Christmas trees in Hawaii - but no longer! The Hamakua Christmas Tree Forest is the best place to go.
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The Big Island of Hawaii is quite possibly the best place on the planet to live for just about anything locally grown. Even so, Christmas trees in Hawaii are the one commodity that most people will get imported.

For years, I supported a local family that imported trees from Oregon despite the heavy pesticide load of commercially grown trees and environmental burden created by shipping all that distance. If nothing else, I figured that a local family was getting my cash instead of handing it over to a big box store.

Pine Trees in Hawaii

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For a few years, there were rumors about a local Christmas tree grower, but the one time I had tried looking it up online, there was no information to be found. This year, however, I accidentally tracked them down when I commended someone for getting their tree early when I spotted it on top of their car in a parking lot.

Where to purchase Christmas Trees in Hawaii

Open from November 1 through the holidays, the Hamakua Christmas Tree Forest grows Portuguese and Arizona cypress trees in the small town of Nīnole a few miles north of Hilo. At the cost of $10 per foot, I personally think it’s a reasonable price to be paid directly to the family growing it all year.

Christmas in Hawaii

Although they’re not systematically poisoned the same way pines on the mainland are, they must receive a periodic treatment for ants. According to the owner, an extermination company is hired to spray only the base of the trees to keep red ants at bay. If you’ve lived in the tropics for any length of time, you know that ants and other pests can be a nightmare.

You can order your tree online, then choose one upon arrival, paying extra if you go significantly above what you’ve already paid for. Some people choose their tree in person first — reserving it by putting an ornament on it and paying in advance, then come back later with their truck and tools.

Pine Trees in Hawaii

If you forget to bring a saw, don’t worry. They have a variety of saws on site which you can borrow.

While fragrant, these trees won’t bring that strong pine smell into your home. If that’s important to you, you can decorate with some pine-scented ornaments.

These trees are not always perfectly shaped, which is a good thing because with the remnants, you can make your own wreaths. Conversely, cut off branches can be rooted in soil and planted so you can start growing your own!

If you’re on the Big Island, next Christmas, be sure to support this local business. Bring the family and make a day of it!

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